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4 Effective Ways To Control Your Medical Bills

Tips to keep medical expenses down

When on your way to recovery from a major surgery or trying to regain your strength from a tight battle with a viral infection, the last thing you’re supposed to worry about is a medical bill blowup.

According to Medical Billing Advocates of America, over 80% of medical charge contain errors, either due to an honest mistake, doubled fee, or abusive charging practices.

In extreme cases, the patients do recover well, but not from the overwhelming medical bill that won’t disappear unless paid up to the last cent.

So what solution could best resolve this? Maybe a loan to the bank, but only if the bank sees this as reason enough to grant your request. Loan sharks will absolutely offer no help.

Tips to keep medical expenses downHow else can you swim away from this sinking ship? Some are forced to liquidate assets just to come up with the needed funds to pay the medical bills, while monthly dues continue to come until one day, they find themselves drowning in debt.

What Are Your Options?

However, you can take a pause and breathe. There are clever ways to control your medical bills and do away with the overwhelming numbers.

Do You Qualify For A Discount?

The upfront way to saving money is through taking advantage of discounts. When a hospital offers to give a 20% discount on some of your lab tests if your pay up front, why not take advantage of the amount you can save if you have the money?

Doctors are humans too. They have seen the worse and will weigh in your capability to pay if you share a little background about yourself. Though this is optional, but doctors do consider your financial status.

1. Charity Care Programs

There are some patients that are either uninsured or underinsured who need immediate medical assistance. Both government and non-government organizations have programs that assist anyone who can’t afford an expensive medical care.

One charity care program found in NYC is The BronxCare Network. Their financial aid covers residents within the Institution’s service area which is defined as the five boroughs, to include The Bronx, New York, Queens, Kings and Richmond and the county of Westchester; for emergent services all New York State zip codes.

2. Ask The Billing Department

Even if you are not an expert on medical terms, if you find questionable figures in your bill, talk to the billing staff. They are more acquainted with jthe terminology you aren’t familiar with. Through them, you can verify if you have been billed correctly, ultimately eliminating an incorrect charge or overcharge.

3. Understand Your Procedure

By knowing what procedure you will be undergoing means you can have an estimate of how much you will be billed for, or at least do some research beforehand. By doing so you can easily spot irregularities, if there are any.

Revisit Your Insurance Policy

It takes patience to read through every word in your insurance policy, but it will help you control your medical bill. Terms such as Deductibles (the amount you pay out of your pocket before the insurance coverage), C0-insurance (a percentage you have to pay for a certain type of care), or In-Network (clinics/hospitals covered by your insurance) must be familiar to you.

What Happens When Medical Bills Are To High To Overcome?

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare; medical bills that are out of reach. They pile up and become insurmountable. One option to being saddled with huge debt is liquidating assets and getting out from under those bills.

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