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Finding A Likable Tenant | 7 Traits Landlords Want From Renters

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Finding A Likable Tenant | 7 Traits Landlords Want From Renters

Dealing with people is a lot of work that requires dedication, patience…and a lot more patience. The same goes for landlords who have seen and have been dealing with all types of tenants – the good, the ideal, and the problematic. Most lessors hope for the best in every family who shows interest in renting their property and often hopes for the landlord/tenant relationship to get a good start.

But some tenants, maybe due to past experiences, expect the worst start and prepare to start the relationship with their guard up. Some are new to leasing a property, they have no idea how to act; while some have had bad experiences before.

Despite the existence of many lenders across the different cities and states, there are still individuals and families who rent houses for different reasons, often financially driven. According to the National MultiFamily Housing Council (NMHC), out of 118,208,250 households in the country, 35% of it or approximately 43,701,738 are renter-occupied properties.

What Landlords Look For In Tenants

New York we buy housesAs a renter, we expect to find the best place to settle in and expect a good relationship with the owner right from the start. Now, let’s take a look at the landlord’s point of view when looking for new rental occupants. They want renters who:

#1 Listen to instructions. When the owner gives special instructions about turning off the air conditioner when no one is at home or check the gas tank from time to time for leaks, keep it in mind and do it. These instructions were given for a reason so you should adhere to them, especially if it concerns everyone’s safety.

#2 Report maintenance needs right away. If there is a broken pipe, a window with a loose hinge, peeling paint, or a clogged drain; landlords should know right away. They can’t fix the problem they know nothing about unless they pay a visit and inspect the house.

#3 Care for the property. Every property is of value. As much as lessors value their homes, they also value their rental properties. When their renters put in extra effort to take care of the house, the landlord/tenant relationship will flourish.

#4 Follow rules. Rules are made to be followed. The Do’s and Don’ts will be explained together with the lease contract. Once there is an agreement, tenants are expected to follow it.

#5 Read the lease contract. It is important to read the lease contract. Everything is laid out in that piece of paper and renters can always turn back to it when disagreements or issues occur. There are different kinds of lease contract and each is explained here.

#6 Socialize with neighbors. It’s not necessary to get friendly with all the neighbors in your block. But be sure to get to know the closest neighbor and keep a friendly relationship with them. Friendly neighbors often equate to a peaceful neighborhood.

#7 Pay on time. Business is business. The main goal of the landlord is to get paid every month for the lease. Once the contract is signed, the leasers are responsible to pay on time, unless there is a valid reason. It’s best to talk to the owner if there is a financial struggle.

When They Decide To Sell Away

Property owners who have been in the rental business for years are more experienced in handling problematic and non-paying tenants. But even with experience, some issues do not get resolved right away and some matters just don’t have resolution except to part ways. And when a property gets too many problematic issues and tenant complaints, it is sometimes wiser to sell it to a we buy houses NY company.

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